Yaasa Adjustable Bed Review

Yaasa Adjustable Bed Review

Yaasa Studios was founded in 2017 in California. It’s a new furniture company that has really taken off as customers have noticed their outstanding products. While the product line currently includes mattresses, blankets and an adjustable bed, this is just the beginning, as they only started a few years back.

Today we’ll review the Yaasa Adjustable Bed . It acts as a movable frame for your mattress. We’ll be looking into how it moves in more depth, but you can get the basic idea from the animation below.

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The Yaasa Adjustable Bed is rocking a wood and metal construction – this gives it a really solid and strong feel without being too heavy. It stands on four wooden legs, that are connected to the side rails, which are made out of metal. The metal frame in turn helps to support the four planks of wood, which attach to mechanism that moves the panels around. All the panels move independently from each other – this mean the amount of combinations is virtually unlimited.

The Yaasa Adjustable Bed features a metal and wood construction, which gives it a strong, sturdy feel. The structure has four legs and stands 15” in height. These legs are connected by metal side rails, which together help to support four individual planks of wood, which you’ll hand-screw onto the surface. The panel at the head and the two nearest the feet move independently of one another, offering a wide range of mobility.

The four motors that are moving the panels are located underneath the bed frame. Two of them located near the head of the mattress and another two alongside the legs. This placement is what sets it apart from other similar beds – it also leaves plenty of room under the bed for storage.

You can choose to either plug the bed to a regular electrical outlet or use the built-in battery pack for operation. This also powers the two USB ports, which are located on either side of the bed. This allows you to charge all your devices throughout the night. The motors themselves are extremely quiet, we tried to get a decibel reading, but were unable as our app didn’t detect such a low volume.

The whole structure of the bed is really well built, looks solid and has a timeless minimalist design, which means it will look great in a variety of different settings.

Controlling the Bed

We have discussed how the Yaasa is built, so next up let’s have a look at how it moves. You can control the Yaasa with a remote, which ships with the bed. It has only two buttons, so very easy to operate – one to adjust the planks at the head and another to adjust the ones at the feet.

As these two motors move independently from each other, you have a wide number of angles to choose from for every piece. One small but important design feature that the Yaasa has, is that it doesn’t make the bed any taller in any setting – this means you don’t have to worry about scraping your wallpaper or paint, while it’s moving to a new position.

Similarly to car seats which are adjustable, but you usually have a few favourite settings – so does the Yaasa, you can just click on one of the two memory buttons to save your current position and can easily return to it later. As a little easter egg these two buttons are actually already preprogrammed to a Anti snore and a Zero gravity settings, but you can of course override these as you see fit.


Mattress Sizes

The Yaasa Adjustable Bed supports either a King size or Queen side mattress of any kind. It can hold up 700 lbs without an issue and really is a perfect option for someone who likes to read in bed while still sitting up or just watch TV on a lazy Saturday morning with breakfast in bed.

What Sets It Apart

Some of the specs that make this adjustable bed stand out compared to others on the market:

  • Motors located in the side rails – due to this, Yaasa is able to free up valuable under-mattress space for storage. This placement is unique among beds and could make a big difference for some sleepers.
  • You can use custom legs – Unlike most other beds, Yaasa Adjustable Bed can slip right into your favourite bed frame. Add the legs or ditch them, either way it will work just fine, while modified for your liking.
  • Stylish aesthetic – The Yaasa Adjustable Bed features an attractive, minimalist design that will fit into most modern homes. Even without a bed frame, this bed looks pretty great all on its own. This kind of minimalist aesthetic has also proven to stand the test of time really well, and will still look stylish in 10-15 years.

The Yaasa Adjustable Bed is the most durable and well-made adjustable bed I have seen so far. Not only at this price point but at any price point. It is also the most aesthetically pleasing. It will definitely give your bedroom a more modern feel.

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