Click and Grow Smart Garden 3 review

Click and Grow Smart Garden 3 review

This is a Click and Grow Smart Garden 3 review. Click and Grow was created on the belief that everyone should be able to enjoy healthy and fresh food at a low price. To implement this, they have begun producing affordable herb gardens, which are easy and simple to maintain, for a relatively low market price. This project was inspired by NASA technology, and utilizes several complex pieces of technological equipment to maintain optimal conditions for the plants growing inside the garden. The idea of this product is to implement a myriad of techniques and technologies to create a habitat for plants that is easy to maintain in any outdoor environment.

Click and Grow Smart Herb Garden
Click and Grow Smart Herb Garden

Additionally, the idea is for the capsule to be self-maintaining. Meaning that the user only needs to put the specified plant capsules into the soil, add the designated amount of water, and plug the unit into an electrical outlet. This process is extremely convenient, as there is not much upkeep or maintenance needed. Also we’ve found the Smart Herb Garden to be an extremely good gift idea. This all sounded so good that we decided to dig deeper and do a Click and Grow review.


Click n Grow sells a large variety of products, and markets them at several different consumer audiences. Here are their main attractions:

Smart Herb Garden

  • Smart Herb Garden
    Smart Herb Garden

    The Smart Herb Garden is the basic product design when compared to the others on this list.

  • This product utilizes a technologically enhanced soil, which the company brands as “Smart Soil”, to ensure that all plants grow at optimal rates, as well as receive proper amounts of water and nutrients.
  • The Smart Herb Garden also includes an integrated LED light system. This system is designed to keep the plants as healthy as possible, while not consuming a lot of energy. Therefore, this product ensures that plants will still receive the optimal light they need for photosynthesis, without breaking your budget.
  • The Smart Herb Garden additionally comes with special promotional offers. These can range from various plant capsules to enhanced soil nutrients options.
  • For those who enjoy customization, the Smart Herb Garden also comes in a variety of colors.


Smart Garden 3

  • Smart Garden 3
    Click and Grow Smart Herb Garden 3

    This is a newer product to Click and Grow’s product merchandise. Many of the features of this product are the same or similar to the Smart Herb Garden, however there are a few notable differences.

  • The Smart Garden 3 also uses Smart Soil to ensure plants grow to their fullest potential, while staying healthy and also being cost effective. However, the Smart Garden 3 also comes with some upgraded technological features including a modular lamp and updated LED design. These updates not only give the Smart Garden 3 a more sophisticated apparatus, but also add onto the aesthetic appeal of the design.


Smart Garden 9

  • Smart Garden 9
    Click and Grow Smart Herb Garden 9

    This product is currently under development and is now available for pre-order from Click and Grow.

  • This product revolutionizes the way plants are grown by incorporating more advanced technology into the design of the mechanism, while still utilizing advanced materials such as Smart Soil and adaptive LED lighting for the pinnacle of perfection.
  • This model additionally includes an assortment of seed capsules, so you may begin growing as soon as your product arrives.


Installment and Maintenance

If you may not have very much space to utilize for setting up something like a garden, then this product should not worry you at all. All of the Click and Grow products mentioned above are marketed to be used in any setting. Additionally, due to the simplicity of the design, the product requires very little maintenance or assembly. The Click and Grow products also use various ways to keep the plants healthy such as self-watering, auto-adjustments in lighting, and adaptive soil technology to cut down on any work which needs to be performed by the customer.

Plant Capsule Refills

Plant capsules can be bought separately with ease, which allows for the customer to customize their indoor garden in any way they may prefer. The Click and Grow online store contains a variety of plant capsules, ranging from common varieties of plants such as the Romaine lettuce leaf, to more exotic plants such as the marjoram. This diversity of products ensures that customers can view a variety of content, and design their gardens with an abundant variety of plant species.


Though specific measurements and features vary from model to model, the overall product design is sleek and modern, while still having a sophisticated exterior. The smart gardens presented by click and grow also contain advanced sensor technology embedded inside the design of the product. The smart gardens also are made to be light weight, portable, and durable so that anyone may use them easily. The aim of this product is to be as simple as possible, and the product was designed accordingly. The product is made to have an extremely easy interface to operate, which makes it additionally useful over to competitors for those who are just embarking on their gardening journey.

Click and Grow Smart Herb Garden
Click and Grow Smart Herb Garden

Amazon Reviews

The various products mentioned in this article which are sold by Click and Grow, have all received very high marks on Amazon. Here are some things some users have said about the Click and Grow product line up:

  • The little basil we have been growing are so beautiful and perfect. I’m looking forward to what we grow next. The product is simple to use and my boyfriend who doesn’t garden at all has had a lot of fun growing his own plants here.
  • I love this product! The basil grows really fast and it is so fun watching it get larger and larger!
  • One word, Amazing!! This plant grower is perfect, it comes with a little app that helps you keep track of your garden. The herbs grew in a question of days and it looks very stylish. Overall, super happy with my purchase and would recommend!
  • Great product for the person that wants to grow their spices all natural .. I bought one and after the amazing results I purchased another one the following month!

These are only a few of the myriad of ecstatic customers who purchased the Click and Grow product!

In Comparison to Competitors

The Click and Grow is considered to be an exceptional piece of equipment by many. From the state of the art design, to the advanced technology, it is clear to see why so many people enjoy this product dearly. In comparison to the abundance of features, many other products simply do not give the large spectrum of features and the ease of maintenance like Click and Grow’s products do. Their elite line up easily outmatches many other competitors, simply due to the fact that Click and Grow’s products are the only ones to truly be a Smart Garden. Only products manufactured by Click and Grow contain such a wide variety of technology used in their gardening kits, so no other manufacturer even comes close to competing with their design, performance, or quality.


The product line up by Click and Grow proves to be a simple way for numerous amounts of people to start a small garden for under $100. Through the effective marketing campaigns, advanced technology, high performance, and an extensive variety of merchandise, it is clear to see why Click and Grow is rated as a top performing brand by many consumers.

Update: After the Click and Grow smart herb garden got featured in The Verge’s hugely popular Christmas gift list it is temporarily out of stock. We’ll update this post once it become available again. You can shop alternatives on Amazon.