11+ Bottle Humidifier Review

11+ Bottle Humidifier Review

This is a 11+ bottle humidifier review (Eleven plus bottle humidifier). Humidifiers are therapy aids that are becoming vastly used in a variety of situations that range from caring from the sick to massaging and relaxation. These humidifying devices are in growing demand by dermatologists and otolaryngologist who have seen proven benefits from using them. Humidifiers commonly act as a moisturizing agent for the skin, throat, nose, and lips. They can also be used for treating sinus problems, certain medical diseases, and to simply relax after a grueling day of labor. Today we are trying to find the best bottle humidifier and taking a closer look at the gorgeous 11+ Bottle Humidifier.

11+ is the best bottle humidifier that we were able to find.
11+ is the best bottle humidifier that we were able to find.

Proven benefits of humidifiers

  • Reducing Risk of Infections: Humidifiers have been proven to help inhibit the migration of viruses and bacteria. This is because as humidifiers warm the air, various airborne substances cannot circulate clearly. This can make the difference between staying healthy during colder months, or getting a specific disease such as the flu.
  • Creates Healthier Skin: Air that lacks moisture creates dryness and closes pores, which can lead to dirt and other debris being trapped inside your skin. However, the warm air produced by humidifiers allows pours to open and for skin to be moisturized. The result of this is healthy, young, and vibrant skin.
  • Clears Sinuses: Many people have experienced their sinuses progress from being clogged and swollen to feeling openness and relief after drinking a warm beverage. This is similar to the effect produced by a humidifier. Due to the warm, moist air that a humidifier produces, sinuses are allowed to be cleared of mucus and bacteria which will assist in the prevention of illnesses.
  • Alleviates Asthma and Allergies: As previously mentioned, humidifiers help to moisturize your throat, nose, and basically your entire respiratory system. This can aid in breathing, thus lessening the effects of asthma, and can also aid in clearing your sinuses, thus reducing the side-effects of any allergies you may have.
  • Healing Properties: In addition to illness prevention, humidifiers can also serve as an instrumental tool in helping to alleviate existing illnesses. This is because the warm air promotes blood flow and circulation, which will bring blood with enriched nutrients and help to open clogged areas.


The 11+ Design

Item Specifications:

  • Weight: 1 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 3.4×3.4×7.9 in
  • Size: 87mmX200mm
11+ is the best bottle humidifier that we were able to find.
11+ is the best bottle humidifier that we were able to find.

When looking for the best bottle humidifier, then design is an important aspect. This product is beautifully designed with an elegant and modern fashion. All parts of this item are excellently crafted at the apex of consumer quality and aesthetic appeal.  The bottle’s surface has been elaborately constructed with superlative plastic materials, which gives the product a body that is as transparent as possible while still keeping the overall price of the item low. The compact size of this piece of equipment ensures its ease in portability and assembly. The device only needs USB for power, but generates enough humidity to ensure that whatever air quality you may need is adequately sufficient. Additionally, the minimalist design which is created by this product helps to establish it’s sleek and modern view. The minimalist design is also distinctly seen on the functions panel, which is designed with a simple +/- rocker switch. This simplicity allows for ease of use, as anyone can simply adjust the humidity without having to look up any instructions. Complementary to this, the simplicity of the functions panel seemingly blends homogeneously with the rest of the design, further extending the clean and sleek look of the device.


Product Features of the 11+ Humidifier

The vaporization produced by the humidifier uses an ultrasonic wave nebulizing method, which essentially utilizes oxygen, compressed air, and ultrasonic power to break solutions into small aerosol droplets. This method requires minimal amounts of power, is cost effective, runs quietly, and is ideal for smaller venues. This nebulizing effect that is initiated by the device does not induce any thermal side effects, so your environment will not be subjected to temperature changes. Additionally, the filter of this unit is replaceable, so it can be changed at any time. The item also comes with an orange USB power cable which stylishly juxtaposes the neutral body of the humidifier. This cable may also be exchanged for any USB power adapting cable you may have, and its ease of use means that it can be assembled and right out of the packaging. Additionally, the 11+ model is wrapped in a reusable bag which can be recycled for various everyday functions and is environmentally friendly.

In Comparison to Competitors

  • Price: In comparison, the 11+ model is much cheaper and has a much more refined design than compared to its competitors. Many of the humidifiers that are perfectly crafted and made from refined materials as the eleven+ model run as high as $175. This is significantly overpriced when compared to the 11+ model which starts at $65 on Amazon.
  • Design: The modern design of this product which is crafted from a multitude of plastics which gives the 11+ an exquisite and elite design, without the excessive costs or aggravating assembly that is often required with the delivery of technology.
  • Output: The 11+ is designed for use in smaller arenas, meaning that it will not be able to compete with more expensive pieces of equipment that are designed to aerate and moisturize larger venues. However, if the device is used in the specified environment that it was developed for, then the product will perform sufficiently and meet any predefined expectations.


11+ bottle humidifier alternatives

  • Honeywell HCM-350: This product uses evaporative technology instead of ultrasonic wave nebulization, which claims to avoid problems such as over-humidification and elevated levels of condensation around the base of the unit. The device also produces a germ free cool mist which is marketed as a means to easily achieve clean humidity in your environment. This unit also is competitive to the 11+ in terms of economic value, as both products are sold for $65 on Amazon. This model is seamless, sleek, affordable, and is efficiently managed which makes it a certain adversary to the 11+ Humidifier. Check the price of Honeywell HCM-350.


  • Sunpentown SU-4010: This is another product that is in direct competition with the 11+ model. This humidifier uses ultrasonic nebulization, just as the 11+ model, however this model also uses a dual mist ion exchange filter. This means that this product is actively filtering the air and humidifying at a faster rate than the 11+ model. In comparison to design, the 11+ has a gigantic advantage over the SU-4010. This is because the 11+ employs various materials and design techniques which help to give it a look of supremacy. This, compared to the standard and unattractive design of the SU-4010 might be enough to make people consider the 11+ over the Sunpentown, even with the lack of features possessed by the 11+. The cost of the Sunpentown SU-4010 is set at the same price of the 11+ model, while giving users a high-quality unit. However, this model does have some negative aspects. This model is not suited for smaller venues as the 11+ is, due to the over-humidification that is produced by this product in smaller areas. The side effects of over-humidification can range from bloody noses to even contracting various illnesses/allergies. Check the price of Sunpentown SU-4010.


  • Vicks Warm Mist V750: The V750 made by Vicks has been criticized for being cheaply made, and produced using low quality/inexpensive materials. This sets the model back in terms of design and aesthetic appeal, but allows the model to sell for less than half the price of the 11+ model. The Vicks V750 sells for only $30 from Walmart, and performs all of the same functions as the 11+ model, making it a competitor for those who are looking to get the cheapest deal. This unit uses a method different from ultrasonic nebulization to avoid over-humidifying environments, while still producing a natural humid mist in only a short amount of time. Overall, this model might not be as stylish or come with as many features as the 11+, but due to the low cost, easy assembly, and efficient features, this model could pose a threat to the 11+ model. Check the price of Vicks Warm Mist V750.



11+ Bottle Humidifier
11+ Bottle Humidifier

Through this investigation we have found that the 11+ model is an exceptional piece of equipment that can benefit numerous people. This product and others like it have been proven to aid in the health of people’s epidermis and respiratory systems. There is fierce competition against this model, in terms of quality, design, and affordability. However, we believe this design stands out among the crowd due to its refined design, simplistic features, and affordability in a market that is saturated with expensive and overpriced products. Looks like your quest to find the best bottle humidifier for your home can finally end here.

Elevenplus USB humidifier 440ml, Auto Shut-Off...
  • The humidifier surface has a non-gloss plastic appearance, and the plastic floor, which maintains the same transparency as glass, allows the user to see the amount of water inside.
  • Bottle Humidifier uses USB to maintain proper moisture in private spaces, such as offices, bedrooms, and a small living room. After 8 hours, the machine automatically turns off and is easy to clean.
  • The humidity can be switched on/off by pressing the + / - button, and can be adjusted up to step 2. (Step 1 : Continuous humidification / Step 2 : Intermittent humidification)